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Recognizing God's blessings, we are a congregation committed to MAKING A LOVING DIFFERENCE in the lives of each other, the mission of Christ's church in the world, and in all of the communities we touch.
The mission of Christ Lutheran Church is
to WELCOME people into a journey of Christian faith,
to PREPARE these people for daily living as Christ's disciples, and
to SEND them to serve in Christ's name.


This congregation recognizes the diversity that exists in our world and affirms the unity of all who come seeking the Lord here in this place.  We rejoice in the worth, gifts and dignity of every person, and strive to be a safe place where all people can receive the grace of our Lord and enter into the fellowship of Christ's Body.  You are welcome here!  We're just one block west of the University of Mary Washington Campus. Our 9am and 11am Sunday Services are open to all.

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is a modern-day reliable, convenient, safe and simple way for members to make automatic
offering payments to the church directly from checking or savings accounts.

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Revised Common Lectionary



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Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church!

Pastor Carbaugh addresses what it means to "Live Lutheran".

Pastor Carbaugh's Easter message.

The Wilson family brings their musical talents to the church in the form of a hand-built Marimba.

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