We believe

…that youth are not just the future of the church, but that they are already a vital part of it. Christ Lutheran encourages all middle schoolers and high schoolers to be active in the life of our congregation. Youth participate and lead in worship as assisting ministers, acolytes, crucifiers, by singing in the choir, and playing in the handbell choir.

In addition to these worship leadership opportunities, Christ Lutheran holds regular youth group meetings called ChrisTeens. The middle school ChrisTeens meet on the second Sunday of the month; the high school ChrisTeens meet on the third Sunday of the month; and, on the fourth Sunday of the month the middle and high school ChrisTeens meet for a special event or service activity. We meet from 5 to 6:30 pm in the church fellowship hall. Youth enjoy food, fellowship, and faith formation.

Christ Lutheran ChrisTeens attends statewide and national youth events. To check out statewide events, please visit the Virignia Synod’s Youth website. To learn more about the next national youth gathering, please visit the ELCA’s Youth Gathering website.

Questions? Contact Pastor Anne who leads the youth events with the help of Jonathan Branker and Tim Wilson.

ChrisTeen / Youth News

National Youth Gathering (NYG) Update: This Changes Everything!

Our trip to Houston surely lived up to the expectation. The 27 (22 youth and 5 adults) CLC travelers experienced God’s grace, God’s hope, and God’s love throughout the week. Our travel plans went smoothly and the ELCA events were well organized with most events being held at our hotel, the NRG Center, NRG Arena, and the NRG Stadium. The nightly worship at NRG Stadium was spectacular with 30,000+ other Lutherans. The music varied from rap to rock to even some 80’s-90’s songs. Our speakers came to us with many messages of inclusion and embrace for our fellow man or woman. Each night we had our devotionals with Pastor Anne via pre-taped videos and an online bible. Pastor Anne was with us in spirit and in image. (We had a picture of Pastor Anne on a yard stick which was our “follow me” sign as we waded into the stadium with the other thousands of worshipers.) On a purely fun level, the kids enjoyed being together in various settings including the hotel’s Einstein’s Bagel Shop and splashy pool which proved to be well used. Between synod and national events, the group spiced up the week with an Astros baseball game, a lunch at Hard Rock Café, an afternoon at Galveston Beach, and a visit to NASA. We all came home pretty tired but also very well fed both literally and spiritually. We thank the CLC congregation for their endless support. We could not have made the amazing trip with such a large group without the financial and spiritual support of our congregation! Minneapolis 2021 is the next NYG!! Who from CLC will attend??

Individual Perspectives on NYG from Youth and Leaders:

NYG was amazing. I grew so much in my faith in just a short week, I learned lots about my peers and their faith, and I also got to hang out with 32,000 of my closest friends! My favorite part was synod day. I have so many close friendships from synod events. (Kathryn Durham, youth) I went to the NYG in Atlanta in 1994 as a youth. Attending as an adult and parent is quite different. Throughout the week, presenters spoke about difficult topics. Listening to the kids discuss them really showed they are growing in their faith. I was happy to see that they are thinking independently, asking questions, and not just accepting everything they hear. (Aimee Fletcher, adult leader)

To me the national youth gathering really helped me get closer to God. The gathering also helped me get closer with the kids in our youth group. That’s what made the National Youth Gathering special to me. (Colin Stocks, youth)

I was overwhelmed but overjoyed experiencing worship with 30,000 other people. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know our older youth better and to strengthen my relationship with our younger youth. By the end of the week, I experienced a true sense of belonging. (Peter Kahn, adult leader)

The trip to Houston this year gave me opportunities to bond and become closer to people from our own congregation, but also it gave me the chance to meet people from other congregations from around the US. I met several friends that I am still in contact with today. One of my other favorite experiences on the trip was the large worship sessions that were held every night; it gave me a different perspective and way of thinking about church and serving God. There were so many different people there yet we were all there for the same cause. (Sydney Duffy, youth)

Attending the NYG for a second time as a leader, I treasure this trip no less than the first trip to Detroit. The reoccurring message of God’s grace was very powerful to me. This theme was part of the gathering’s biblical verse, the speakers’ forum, but most powerfully for me, a Christian rock band member used God’s grace as part of a quick commentary between songs. You never know when and what words will affect you so deeply. Our youth are all very special to me and it was an honor to be with them in Houston. (Martha Coleman, adult leader)

The National Youth Gathering was eye opening and exposed me to many different parts of the church that I was unaware of before. I enjoyed both getting to know everyone on the trip better and growing in my faith. It truly was an incredible experience that I hope those going on the 2021 trip will have as great a time as I did. (Haley Stocks, youth)

What made the greatest impression on me in Houston was the size of the event. It was amazing to worship along 32,000 people who were all of the Lutheran faith. It was hard to believe, as I looked around the stadium, at the huge amount of people all gathered together to praise God. Although there were so many people at the event, I strengthened relationships with our youth group and most importantly God. (Sarah Tiller, youth)

The National Youth Gathering was a life changing event. Hearing people’s faith stories from across America was quite special. Being in an atmosphere of worship with so many people was amazing! (Brett Coleman, youth)

The 2018 National Youth Gathering was really an amazing and wonderful event to be a part of this past summer. The experience truly strengthened my faith in God, and it gave me a glimpse of how extraordinary the Lutheran community is on a national/world scale. I feel so blessed that I was able to attend this year’s trip, and I cannot wait for the 2021 trip to Minneapolis! (Olivia Stocks, youth)

I cannot say that this trip was life changing but it was life affirming for me. Getting to spend a week with the youth from our church along with 30,000 other youth from around the country reminded me what is truly important. It is easy to get caught up in all the minutia of everyday life but stepping away and focusing on God was refreshing. Plus, getting to know and spend time with the 22 youth from CLC was energizing. Sweet relish, it was a great week!!! (Shawn Tiller, adult leader)

Virginia Synod Ambassadorcast

AmbassadorCast By Virginia Synod Youth and Young Adult Ministry

“Hallelujah” performed during Youth-led service: May 12, 2019.


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