Staff and Council

Contact the Church Office by calling 540.373.5087
or emailing:
Pastor Anne Jones Martin
Associate Pastor Lou Florio
Chaplain Missioner for Young Adults Ethan Lowery
Director of Christian Education Richele Davis
Lead Office Administrator Robbin Edwards
Office Administrator Darlene Allen
Preschool Coordinator Martha Coleman
Music Director Harry Rosnick
Organist Rebecca Case
Custodian Katrina Boxley
Nursery Attendants Natalie Buckley and Shannon O’Byrne


President Matthew Cechman
Vice President Pastor Anne
Secretary  Kathy Robinson
Treasurer Dan Deitz


Committee Chairs
Campus Marsha Colburn
Education Jackie Harvey
Evangelism Elizabeth Johnson-Young
Fellowship Mike Moffitt
Finance Mary Helen Dellinger
Property Gary Hampton
School Board Shannan Shaw
Social Ministry Rick Pabst
Stewardship Judy Scheibe
Youth Carrie Buckley
Worship and Music Jean Fratzke