Christ Lutheran Endowment Fund – A Celebration of LIFE!
Investing in the work of Christ’s Church Now and in the Future

Christ Lutheran Church of FredericksburgThe Christ Lutheran Endowment Fund was established in 1998 to support the work and mission of Christ Lutheran in and beyond our community. The fund is called an “enduring” fund because only the interest which the fund accumulates is disbursed; your gift to the fund literally “endures” and keeps giving for years to come. Although endowment funds have historically been viewed within the context of “estate giving”, think of this fund as an opportunity to ALSO celebrate life. Contributions can be made to celebrate a birth, baptism, first communion, confirmation, graduation, wedding, and ________________________ (you fill in the blank)

And, it truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

The Endowment Fund principal is invested in the Mission Fund of the ELCA. Over the years the interest from this fund has supported:

This year the recipients are: Living Waters mission congregation in Kilmarnock, the Christ Lutheran Scholarship Fund for graduating seniors, furnishings for our new building, and Christ Lutheran Church food pantry.

Keep your congregation in mind as you think about your wills, estate gifts, etc.  This is a great way your gift can keep on giving.  Confidential help is available from the Synod’s Mission Office for Planned Giving (gsims@plan2giv.org) or speak to Pastor Carbaugh who can point you in the right direction.

For additional information contact the church office.