SelfieOn the Sundays of April 29 and May 6 we invite you to share your own faith journey story. Come and have your message recorded between church services, or record your video at home and submit your video file to the CLC office. (See tips on working with video files below.)
Here are some questions that may help you prepare your stories:
  • How has Jesus invited you to follow him?
  • Can you describe how Jesus and following Jesus has impacted your daily life?
  • Is there an incident in your life that challenged you and drew you closer to God?
  • Who is one person in your faith journey for which you can thank God?
  • What would you say if someone asked you why you are a Christian?
  • How has the Church, especially CLC, impacted your faith and life?
Our hope is to create a Stories of Faith video filled with CLC members. We invite all ages to take part in what we believe will be a rich tapestry of heartfelt personal stories.
Come! Join us as we “walk wet” in the waters of baptism.
We encourage people to record their message using their smart phones, as video quality is usually excellent and the video can be shared immediately via email. Keep in mind, a short video is easiest to send.
An alternative to emailing a video is to save the file onto a small USB thumb drive. Thumb drives can be dropped off at the church office during business hours. Remember to attach some sort of identification to your thumb drive so we can return it to you.
If you are familiar with using Dropbox, you are welcome to upload a video to your Dropbox account and email us the link.
The church email is: