Beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing through the first few days of Easter, the office will email you a daily devotional for the season of Lent. Each email will include a daily question and a prayer. You can also view the daily question and prayer on the church’s Facebook page. You are encouraged to read the daily devotional at a time that works well for you and your household. Suggested times include over your morning coffee or tea, on the VRE, when you get home from work or school, over an evening meal or as your bedtime prayer. You may find it meaningful to write your reflections in a journal or comment on the daily Facebook post (please keep in mind your comments will be visible to the public). Day by day, may these prayers remind you that, as you seek God, God is always seeking you. The questions and prayers are drawn from Sanctified Art’s Lenten resources.


If you don’t receive a daily question and prayer starting on Ash Wednesday and desire to be added to the list, please contact us at to be added to the Lenten distribution list.