Considering new Virginia and CDC guidelines, consultation with our Bishop, as well as the high rate of vaccinations and low rate of disease transmission in our region, the Reopening Team has voted to move Christ Lutheran to “masks optional but encouraged” status when in our building. This change is effective immediately.

Please note that transmission in our region remains in the new yellow phase except for Caroline County which remains in red status (masks should be worn). When the community level is Medium:

FOR YOUR SAFETY: If you have health concerns or immunity issues, you are highly encouraged to consult your physician(s) for guidance. You might like to participate through our livestream worship services or wear a mask when in our building for any event or worship service.

If unvaccinated, be aware that the fatality rate for those infected with COVID-19 remains significantly higher for those in your category: fully vaccinated 0.45% lethality, fully vaccinated but no booster 1.83% lethality, unvaccinated 12.06% lethality). You might wish to speak with your healthcare provider to assess your risk before participating in person without a mask.

FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL: Please do not attend worship whenever you have COVID-like symptoms of any kind, as higher transmission rates remain an issue for our greater community. You could unintentionally put someone at risk for a more serious outcome or long haul symptoms than you yourself might face. There is no way to know who is at greater risk, and it is inappropriate and could be off putting to ask, so please respect the choices of others – no questions asked. Let’s make everyone feel comfortable and welcome as best we can.

CLC OFFICE: At this time, please continue to limit your visits to our office, as several of our staff have health issues putting them at greater risk from the disease if they were to become ill with COVID-19.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and kindness as we have tried our best to navigate safety and welcome for all. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Reopening Team through our office. Please note that as conditions change, the mask requirement in our building may return as deemed necessary by the Reopening Team and your Congregational Council.

If you have questions or concerns, please share them with the Reopening Team by emailing