Take a moment to view the new artwork in the Narthex and Welcome Hall. We have been blessed as recipients of wonderful paintings done by local artist, Johnny Johnson. These paintings depict a number of images from the life of Christ. We are most grateful for his gifts and his sharing with our congregation.

The frames are made possible from gifts in memory of Carole Swisher who had a passion for creating beautiful things. The framing was arranged by Donna Trunnell.

Johnny Johnson

Born in Vance County, North Carolina, Johnny P. Johnson moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1959 to teach art at the Walker-Grant High School. What began as a job evolved into a life commitment to family, church, community, and art. As a boy he would buy a 10-cent pad of typing paper and sit at a card table to draw for hours. He met and married Jean Blackstock in 1961. They were both teaching on the same floor and as Johnny likes to say, “I walked by her room a lot!”

A leader in social issues, Johnny has long been committed to finding common ground between black and white communities. His professional life as a school teacher is unique. He has taught on every level from grade school to university, as well as workshops and community classes too numerous to list. His enthusiasm and skill as a communicator was recognized by the state of Virginia as its “Teacher of the Year” in 1977. Now retired from the school system, he continues to give workshops, demonstrations, and encouragement throughout the area. As a prolific painter, Johnny has produced more than 5,000 pieces since the early 1960’s. They hang in embassies, banks, hospitals and other institutions, as well as the homes of hundreds of people throughout the United States, Europe and Africa.